about us

About Us

Christina Meyer Sustainable Wood Products has FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification which assures the traceability of your wood from forest to floor.

With a range of quality wood products in the finest oak, ash, beech, hornbeam, jatoba and softwoods that proves timber can be ethical sourced. FSC is the only certification scheme that is recommended by the likes of the WWF (Worldwide Wildlife Fund). The FSC logo guarantees that timber comes from well managed forests and other controlled sources.

With the FSC guarantee on our timber you can be satisfied that our wood products are responsibly sourced, as well as attractive and adaptable to all tastes and styles.  With our manufacturing in Europe we provide sustainable timber products at competitive prices and with a low carbon foot print. We also have a wide selection of natural oils and colour stains in a full spectrum of wood shades and colours.