engineered 15mm

Click 3 Strip Engineered

Christina Meyer Sustainable Wood Products 3 strip flooring is entirely composed of of FSC hard and softwoods.  This is 15mm thick engineered floor with a click system for installation. The bottom and core layers are made from softwood and measure 3.5 mm and 8 mm respectively, while the face layer is 3.5mm thick.
The decorative veneer of the product is polished and may finished seven with a UV lacquer (in different gloss options) or oil for a more subtle effect. 

The surface layer is characterised by variation in colour, random wood marking, with the possibility of  tanning stains, false heartwood and healthy knots.

This 3 strip product is available in variety of wood species:

Oak,     Walnut,  Ash,
Acacia,  Beech,  Birch,
Cherry,  Maple,  Hornbeam